Unit 7


Part 2


We got a white table, cheap and good.

What do I see? You are Michel Gurewitch. Is it true?

Yes... why?

Don't you remember? I am Olga.

We went together to the same school in Leningrad, we read together, we wrote notes together.

We went on excursions. Don't you remember? You studies engineering, didn't you?


What are you doing in the shop?

He is a good seller. We work together. I am lucky.

Lucky? Til now I didn't sell anything.

One moment, you are Olga, Olga Stern? I studied medicine, true?

True. I am not Olga Stern any more. I am Olga Nisanov.

I am a physician, but I don't have a job... Nice, nice to meet friends in Israel.

Nice to meet new friends.

Very nice.