Part 1

Day without Luck

Shalom, how are you? Is there any coffee? I would like to drink and rest ten minutes.

I've got some time. I must drive up to Tel-Aviv so see new furniture.

What's going on? Why are you sitting without talking?

Can't you see?

I see. I see lots of furniture.

And this is exactly the problem. I sit the whole day in this shop, I read the newspaper,

I drink coffee, one cup, a second cup, a third cup...


I only read and drink and sell nothing. I don't have luck today.

What is the problem? Today is three O’clock. You go home at seven.

(A woman enters the shop)


Shalom, yes, please?

I need a kitchen table. I want a white table.

Do we have a white table?

Yes, we got a white table, and you are lucky...