Unit 3

Part 2

The National Dish

What would you like to have?
I want Falafel.
Only Falafel?
Not only Falafel. I wat Falafel, chickpeas spread,
sessame spread and French fries.
Please, Mme, what would you like to have?
I want Pita with salad.
Pita with salad? Without Falafel?
Without Falafel. I would like to have healthy food.
Please... and you Sir, what do you want, Sir?
I don't want "Sir", I want Falafel.
She is a lady, and you are a Sir.
Thanks. I only want Pita with Falafel.
Without Sesame spread? It is not tasty.
Falafel with sesame spread, is it expensive or cheap?
Falafel is always cheap.
Well, I want Pita with everything.
Michael, it is not good for your diet!
It is not good for the diet, but it is tasty.
There you are.