Unit 15


Part 3


Thank you, Danni. This was very interesting. A pity that Yuri wasn't here, and couldn't see the armoured car, and didn't hear the interesting stories.


Who is Yuri?


Yuri is our son. He was drafted to the army two weeks ago.


Not all Israeli soldiers wear uniforms like these.


I'm wearing a uniform of the Israeli air force. Each corps has a special uniform, special emblems and a hat.


Like the flags all around here?


Yes, on these flags you have the emblems of the various corps of the Israeli army.


Now I have a riddle: Why are there olive branches on the emblems and on the emblem of the

State of Israel there are olive branches and a lamp?


Everybody has riddles and I have answers: The lamp is the lamp in the temple. The lamp is a

symbol of the State of Israel, today and in the past. The olive branches are a symbol for peace.


You said peace, and I must say good-bye to you! I'm sorry; I wanted to know your son.



I have an idea: you can correspond with our son.


Please come over another time and don't forget to bring all the good things with you.