Unit 15


Part 2


What a strange car!

I know this car! I don't remember where from.

It can't be, such an old car!


Helena is right. Such cars you only have on the road to Jerusalem. Follow me.

Ah! Now I recall! On the sides of the road to Jerusalem there are old cars.

Very old cars.


True! And the cars have an interesting history: In the year 1948, due to the war there was no food in Jerusalem,

And there was no water. Cars with medication, with water and with soldiers drove from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. These were no usual cars, these were armoured cars.


Come over here! There is something interesting here! What is this?

This is a hiding place. It was secret. Here soldiers hid rifles and bullets. The British authorities

didn't allow Jews to own weapons, so one had to hide them.


Very interesting!


Well, follow me.


What do you have in your bag?


Good things. There is no holiday without good things. Please, take, this is for you, and also for us.


How did you know that I like chocolate? Chocolate cake, fruits, this is exactly what I love.


Over there is a place where you may eat.