Unit 15


Part 1


What a day! What a holiday! What a vacation!

I feel this festival everywhere. Today is the Independence Day of the State of Israel, and I am on vacation.

I love this day. I love the festival! I love freedom!


Helena, come, soon they are closing the museum!


Today is a holiday, I am on vacation and I don't want to rush.


What is the connection between Independence Day and your vacation?


It is very simple! I am not working today, and I have vacation. A vacation in honour of freedom.

Independence is freedom. Freedom to do whatever I want.

In the year 1948, after a long and hard war, the Jewish people gained independence. It got a state, and then it has a house, and the

name of this house is The State of Israel.


Come, he is waiting for us at the gate.

Who is waiting?


A soldier is waiting for us. An IDF solider. He promised to show us the base, to inform us about the IDF, to tell us about the War of Independence.


The War of Independence?


It is very simple; The War of Independence is freedom as well as liberation. Oh! Here he comes.


Shalom! I'm Dani, and I'm your guide. Canít I talk Hebrew to you?


On the Day of Independence of The State of Israel we speak only Hebrew.

You are an IDF soldier, true?

This is the IDF museum, true?

So what exactly is IDF?


The army in Israel is called IDF.


This I know, but why IDF and not Army for Israel?


IDF is the Defence Army of Israel.


I also have a riddle: Why are the colours of the Israel flag blue and white?

White and blue are the colours of the Talit. These also are the colours of the sky in Israel.