Unit 13


Part 2


There are so many clothes here. Interesting clothes. Who wore these clothes?

Hi, how can I help you?

Yes, please.

This is a dress of a mother of a bride from Yemen. Pay attention to the special ornaments of the Yemenite Jewry-

Very nice.

These shoes are from Morocco. They were made 100 years ago.

Very special.

Many years ago there were big Jewish communities in Yemen and in Morocco as well.

Today there are very few Jews there.

Here is an antique candelabrum. A getup, the book of Esther, a russle.

Who played with this getup? Interesting who read this scroll. It is so nice!

The getup is from Germany, the Hanukah lamp candelabra is from Poland, the scroll is from Yugoslavia and the rustle

is from the Ukraine.

Prior to the Second World War there were many Jews in these countries.

We have an old candlestick. We don't know how old it is, and from which country.

Who gave you this candlestick? It is very old.

My mother gave me this candlestick.

One candlestick? Where is the second one?

My mother gave me only one candle. A year ago we left Russia. My mother

came with us to the airport and before we boarded the plane she gave the candlestick to my son, Yuri,

and said: "You must keep the candlestick. The second candlestick we bring with us.

I understand. One candlestick immigrated to Israel, and the second candlestick stayed with your mother.

Yes, we immigrated to Israel, the candlestick immigrated to Israel, and now Michael's parents

want to immigrate to Israel as well.

With the second candlestick.