Unit 13


Part 1


The story of the candlestick


In the entrance of the Israel Museum Michael is waiting for Helena. Michael is worried. He is looking at his watch.

Helena comes running.

Where is the candlestick?

Where is the "Shalom?" Where is "How are you?" and "How was it at work?"

You are right. Shalom, Michael. How was it at work? Where is the candlestick?

Everything is all right. The candlestick is with me, in my brief case.

Good. Now we can enter the museum and start asking questions.

Hold on! Do you know this place?

Do you know where do you have to go and whom you should ask?

Do you know anybody who works at the museum?

No, I don't know anybody.

First of all one must buy entrance tickets. Then one should enter and find a guide.

And then ask the guide to tell us about the place, and then start asking questions.

I agree to ask the questions.

There it's written: "The Copper Pavilion". Our candlestick is made out of copper.

There it's written "Antiquities". Our candlestick is antique.

There it's written "Folklore Pavilion." There are answers to all our questions.